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Hello, my name is Teddy Ross.


My history was a composer and musician. I started composing music back in 2005. I compose music for a group call DUALNRG . I have started DJ for furry cons and for local club in 2010. I am bit of a talker, I like playing games and I do like to listen to other opinion and make a rebuttal. I can't draw but get art done.


Nightfire Kitsura - Musican, Former coach and co-owner of the Spokane Rapids. After what he blames to himself as his failure to the Rapids, he been given another chance and is now the General Manager and assistant coach of the Newark Pride.


Juniper Hill

Lilana Kapuur

Sport writers

Tullia Long

Linda Flori


I have several contacts . Easiest way to reach me is on skype 'djnightfirex'

Email: [email protected]

AIM: nightfire77

Have a good day.