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Out of Character

Paul was born and raised in Germany, and moved to Canada with his family in 2004.

He came across the furry community in late 2008, and started interacting online before going to local meets in Manitoba. He engages in the FBA since the first season in 2010 and has been contributing through stories and artwork, and later on creating and managing the Winnipeg Voyageurs and coaching the Montana Howlers.

Paul possesses a college diploma in Creative Communications, and now works full time. His hobbies evolve around fursuiting, videography, animals, and music. He's also a big sports fan, growing up with soccer and cheering on his German home club Hansa Rostock and later on getting into hockey, basketball and other sports, becoming a fan of the Winnipeg Jets, Dallas Mavericks, and Denver Broncos.

Characters in the FBA

Mitch Dunn (Blue Jay) - Journalist, TFSN

Blake Toivonen (Finnish Forest Reindeer) - Agent

Neo Tomasi (Leopard) - General Manager, Winnipeg Voyageurs


Paul Schäfer (German Shepherd, G) - Retired

Fritz Jansen (Paint Horse, F) - Free Agent

Louise Ellenberger (Brown Swiss Cow, C) - Seattle Summit

Jakob Spitz (Finnish, Spitz, G) - Free Agent

Timur Tomilin (Mammoth, C) - Free Agent

Rylee McDonald (Canadian Inuit Dog, G) - D-League

Mahmud Zarif (Addax, F) - Pittsburgh Keystones

Vincent Pelletier (Snowy Owl, G) - D-League

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @PaulShepGSD

FA: PaulShep

Yahoo: paulshepherdgsd

Skype: bryan.wrede