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Thank you for your interest in submitting an Furry Basketball draft candidate! The FBA has a unique way to have new character submissions join our community. You don't get to just join in with a new character and start playing (though you can adopt an existing character).

You take the role of a young college athlete putting his name in to join our sports organization. Because the FBA is about stories, we want to know yours.

Why are you playing basketball? Where did you come from? What is the journey you take to get here?

New draft candidate often make FBA twitter accounts and tell stories for their characters. They 'market' their brand and work and contribute with others to tell entertaining stories.

The draft is one of the most exciting parts of the FBA. It is our graduation; it is our sorting hat. It’s a huge event that players spend months preparing for. Because of this, the following rules and guidelines are in place.


In order to submit a player for consideration in the 2015 FBA Draft Pool, you must first agree to the following Terms of Service (TOS). The following terms will be used to describe the different parties and organizations involved in this agreement.

  • FBA: The Furry Basketball Association project and league.
  • Character: The furry being submitted for consideration in the 2015 FBA Draft Pool.
  • Creator: The person completing this form and creating the Character designed in it.
  • FBA Draft Pool: The list of Characters from which the teams will be able to select their new players during the 2015 FBA Draft.
  • Player: A Character accepted into the FBA that is placed on a current FBA team roster.
  • FBA Universe: The roleplaying world in which the FBA is a part.
  • Commissioner: The top manager of the FBA, who will be Stevie Maxwell ([email protected]) for all intents and purposes of this form.
  • Committee: The judging panel for all FBA canon material in the FBA Universe, comprised of five current FBA contributors including the Commissioner that may be contacted at [email protected]

FBA Charter

To read the full FBA charter- you can find it here: (Its long.. sorry...)


(Updated March 25, 2015 - SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

Submitting a Character for consideration in the FBA Draft Pool does not guarantee acceptance into the FBA. Submitted Characters may be rejected for any reason at the Committee's discretion, and will be accepted only if they fall within the listed guidelines:

The Character must fit within the bounds of the FBA Universe.
The FBA Universe is based on contemporary North America with a modern social ethic and a current level of technology. The globe in the FBA Universe is based on the current real world, with furries living in their own universe separate of human endeavors. Submitted furry Characters are expected to come from real world places (Chicago, New York, Montana, Canada, Europe, Asia, etc.) -- while references to human history and real events are allowed, to fit the FBA Universe they will be altered to have been enacted by furry historical and "real" characters.
The Character must be an accomplished athlete.
The FBA is a professional sports league attracting the very best furry athletes in the world. Characters, therefore, should be highly accomplished at their sport, having trained for years, and be exceptionally talented at playing basketball. A general rule of thumb is to say that your Character is the very best basketball player that anyone in his or her neighborhood has ever known.
But with that said- don't be a boring Mary Sue. Don't be a snake-charmer who learned basketball in a weekend.
Characters that have only just picked up the sport in the last couple of years, that have significant physical limitations, or have a history demonstrating a lack of intense focus to their game will very likely not be accepted, just as they would not be considered in a real world professional level sports league.
Its an awkward balance to make, but we care about telling stories, and no one likes to read about the journey of a millionaire becoming a billionaire.
The Character must be 100% original.
Characters based on commercial media (Pokémon, My Little Pony, etc.) will not be accepted. Characters based on other media within the furry community (chakats, silkies, custom species, characters from published stories, etc.) will not be accepted. Characters with previously established backgrounds before submission to the FBA Draft Pool will only be accepted if they have been altered to the point that the Committee deems they will not interfere with the accepted history of the FBA Universe. It is highly recommended that you design a completely original Character from the ground up.
Your character must not have any unusual physical features that would significantly alter the sport of basketball.
While the FBA Universe has furries of many shapes and sizes, the FBA does limit the kind of player that can participate as Players in the league in order to keep the sport competitive. Here are the current limitations:
  • Characters cannot be taller than 7' 6".
  • Characters cannot be shorter than 5' 0".
  • Characters cannot be heavier than 350 pounds.
  • Characters cannot be lighter than 100 pounds.
  • Characters cannot have more than two hands.
  • Characters cannot have more than one tail.
  • Characters cannot stand on more than two feet. (No taurs, no non-anthros.)
  • Players can not be poisonous or must be able to protect others from their poison.
  • Characters cannot possess more than five usable limbs for handling the ball. (No prehensile extra wings, no prehensile hair, etc.)
  • Your character must be 100% original. Characters based on commercial media (Pokémon, My Little Pony, etc.) will not be accepted. Characters based on other media within the furry community (chakats, silkies, characters from published stories, etc.) will not be accepted.
  • All species are allowed including non-commercial fantasy species (dragons, unicorns, gryphons, etc.), but cannot use any abilities not entirely physical. (No magic, no telekenisis, etc.)
  • Hybrid and mythical characters require a committee vote (majority), but are typically considered extremely rare and sterile.

Questions regarding character physical limitations can be sent to the Committee at [email protected].

Characters accepted into the FBA Draft Pool are not allowed to determine the team they will play for.
The FBA Draft will be set up like the NBA Draft with a posted order in which the teams will select their players. This order is determined by the league standings at the end of the 2014-2015 season, a draft lottery, and through trades made by the teams. A "Top 24" list will be generated by the committee and commissioner, with these players receiving slightly boosted stats to reflect their position as the best of the 2015 FBA Draft Pool.
While the Committee will review all submissions and present suggestions for the Top 24, only the Commissioner will have the final approval on who the "Top 24" will be.
The "Top 24" are based on Character design and quality as a believable professional basketball athlete, but also on variety of species and story ideas. No Creator will be allowed to have more than one Character in the "Top 24", and no one outside of the Committee is allowed any influence in either presence or position in the "Top 24".
Draft picks are selected by the general managers of the teams. General managers will be assigned before the draft, and these selected individuals will have sole authority to choose Players for their assigned teams.
Creators may not influence the general managers' decision. No Character will be assured placement in any particular team. Contributing a candidate means allowing that Character to be selected by any team in the FBA.
Accepted Characters are not guaranteed placement in the FBA. More characters will be approved into the pool than will be selected during the draft. This means that a number of athletes will not get into the FBA by the start of the season. These Characters will still be available to be signed by teams later on, and even in subsequent seasons, until such a time that the Creator decides that the athlete will withdraw their association from the project.
Characters submitted to the FBA remain the property of their Creator; however, the Commissioner will have certain controls over the Character, detailed as followed
  • Player Ratings
  • Injuries
The Commissioner/committee will generate player ratings appropriate for the Character, to be used in the production of the games of the regular season and playoffs. Creators may be asked for suggested ratings for their Characters, but the Commissioner is under no obligation to use these suggestions.
Injuries may be inflicted upon the Character as part of the game results generated by the Commissioner, and Creators must agree to accept these as well as all other kinds of results produced by the FBA. Creators are free to ask the Commissioner ahead of time about player ratings and for particular results for certain games, as well as making requests towards a good story or development that would benefit the Character as well as the entire league.
Creators are encouraged to remain engaged with their Characters. The FBA is based on strong characters with good stories, and to foster that, are best creators continue to develop their Characters as they progress through the league year over year. This might include writing stories about the Character, drawing or commissioning artwork of the Character, starting a Twitter account for the Character, or any other way the Creator wants to build up the Character. This also includes responding to inquiries from other FBA contributors wishing to use a Creator's Character(s) as part of their own story or artwork or other creative endeavor.
Creators are expected to use their accepted Characters solely for the FBA (and FBA Universe) and will not use them in any other facility outside of the FBA without express permission from the Commissioner.
If a Character is not accepted into the 2015 FBA Draft Pool, that Character is not eligible to be a part of the FBA Universe for a period of one season, unless an arrangement is made with the Commissioner.

All questions regarding these Terms of Service may be sent to the FBA Commissioner at [email protected]