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Were you like many of us, and used to dream of shooting that game-winning basket to lead your team to victory as a child? Do you want to be involved in a community where you can ride the highs and lows of a sports season? From crushing blowouts to championship wins, the FBA strives to tell the stories of a sports league in a furry universe. We're always looking for new contributors and would love to have you be involved in our community.

Hello and Welcome to the Furry Basketball Association! We're glad you could join us!

This New Contributor Guide will help you get started with contributing to the canon of the Furry Basketball Association, and will outline what your freedoms and limitations are when you are contributing to the league with your artwork, story-writing, podcast/audio, or any other type of media format.

Getting Started

The very first thing you should do is to get to know the league and its contributors. We are an open community, and welcome anyone who wants to act out a character in the FBA and contribute with art and/or story work. Educating yourself about the league is the most important part of this process, as there is a rich history that has been created over the past decade or so. The easiest way to do this is to join our discord chat by clicking here. We're happy to chat with you about your ideas and how they can be implemented.

The FBA community has been growing over the last decade, and while we have our set standards, don't let this discourage you. The FBA is a league that very much runs like a real-life basketball league, but also has its individual and unique aspects, such as being a universe for anthropomorphic animal people.

It is NOT required for you to create a character right away, but if you have ideas for some, we'd love to hear about them. You aren't limited to just players - you can create characters that have jobs outside of playing basketball, like arena workers, journalists, player agents, sponsors or even FANS! If you have an idea, use your imagination to the best of your ability!

The universe where the FBA exists does not contain any science fiction or magic elements. It is a real-life-based world inhabited by furries. If you need clarification on how the universe of the FBA works, please read through the FAQ to get an idea of what the FBA is all about.

New Player Athletes

The FBA has a pathway which allows new Player Athletes to come into the league viva the FBA Draft. Think of it as our "sorting hat," a process of vetting and assigning players to the league. It is a journey that results in months of guided player development culminating in our "draft day," a live event where general managers select players to their team.

Players are formally submitted into the FBA during the draft character submission period, which usually starts in April or May and ends sometime in mid-summer, when the season is winding down. A form will be made available to you to fill in your player character's information.

Did you miss the submission date? Don't despair! New contributors often get to be involved from day one, and can participate in the following ways:

  • Start planning out a backstory for your character.
    • Some players spend years developing their characters before submitting them to the FBA. We want well developed, high quality characters that help add and grow our universe.
  • Write and tell stories of their characters in their college year or younger! Why are you into the game of basketball? Why are you ready to compete with the best of in the world.
  • Commission / draw art of your character
  • Spend some time learning about the league! We have years of stories and entertainment that we've built the league on. For example, check out: Incident at Howlers Stadium
    • The FBA has a wealth of history, knowledge and stories. Spend some time learning about the best and brightest the league has to offer.
  • Hang out at the FBA Discord room. We strive to be one of the most open communities in the fandom!
  • Make a player character twitter account and update the world on their findings as they wind down their college career and start to prep for the draft.
  • Make a sports reporter character or referee!
  • Some of our best characters aren't even in the FBA, some people who are involved are astronauts, police officers or even porn stars!

New players into the league need to have a well-developed background involving their life story and how they got into the sport of basketball. This can vary from humble beginnings to fortunate life journeys, but be aware that the story has to be within reason. If you don't know where to start on that, read through some of the profiles of FBA players, like Lance Wildfyre, Matthew Silvius, Barnaby Jazz or Kinny DeMarcus to get an idea of what your character should have for a background story.

New Player Character Guidelines

These are some of the basic things you should consider for your new player character:

  • All characters must be new and created from scratch. You cannot use a personal character or "fursona" as a character in the FBA universe. As you retain ownership of your characters, you may later use a character created for the FBA as a personal character or "fursona," on the condition that the FBA version of said character is completely retconned from the FBA universe.
  • Come up with a unique name and species for your player. There are a lot of canines, felines and mustelids already in this league, and a name like John Smith is not very catchy. Think outside the box and look up different animal species on Wikipedia. If you need help finding a good name for him or her, sites like Behind the Name are great resources for first and last names.
  • Many players pick up the sport at an early age (between 5 and 13 years old). Write around how they got into the sport, whether it's through family, friends or a certain endorsement for the sport.
  • Write about their success and failures in the sport. There are no Mary Sues in the league, so writing only positive things about your character is not going to help them get into the FBA. Be realistic! It's also easier to write about someone who has things to work on than someone who is the pinnacle of success - character growth helps create good character development!
  • Players are not going to be good at everything. If they have strengths in one aspect, they should have a weaknesses in another. Balance out your character so that they have a strength a team might need and an aspect of their game they have to improve on. It's all about character development in this league, and it's up to you on how they should develop. Again, keep it real.
  • When they get to college, pick a school from the existing Universities page or make up your own! Your player can also come from anywhere in the world where there is an established league or collegiate-level competition. Many players go through some type of competition to get them noticed by FBA scouts. (Note: If you want your player to be part of a well-established university, like Underwood College, be sure to ask the creator of that institute for details.)
  • Be sure that your player falls within these restrictions:
  • Players cannot be any taller than 7' 6".
  • Players cannot have more than two legs, two arms/wings, and one tail. (The Five Limb Rule)
  • They may not have more than one head.
  • If more than one tail or have wings in addition to arms they may only be eligible if they are safely bound and in a way that prevents them from being used as additional limbs during play.
  • Players cannot be heavier than 350 pounds.
  • Players cannot be poisonous in any way that cannot be covered or controlled. (No poison dart frogs, but venomous snakes are okay.)
  • ALL players go through a processing period before they are considered for the FBA draft, so put some thought into it! If you want your player to be part of the FBA, they have to be subject to approval from the committee. There are many players who get rejected because their story is unrealistic sounding or not developed enough to be considered for the league.
  • Need even more information to help build out your character? We have a in-depth Draft Candidate Resource Guide to help you out

If you need help with developing a player, ask around. The FBA community is available for questions and advice. While we love to see new faces come in, we also love to see great story-telling. Give it your best shot and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Characters Off the Court

Do you have a character that does work off the court? By all means, go ahead! We encourage new characters coming in, whether they're reporters, photographers, cameramen, sponsors, arena staff or any sort of job they might have. Heck, you can even make a fan!

These characters are not subject to the restrictions set for players. They also can be personal characters. However, they should have a realistic presence in the universe.

Character Interactions

Most of the character interaction occurs on the Forums through story-telling and on Twitter. It is encouraged to interact as your character on those media. Be aware that Twitter is still technically considered "non-canon" unless you're planning on involving Twitter conversations in your story line.

Additional Questions

If you have more questions, feel free to email [email protected]!