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FBA Insider is a fan created FBA podcast that is intended to be more tongue and cheek than your typical broadcast.

Done in the style of an ESPN 'Pardon the Interruption' and 'Cheap Seats'- where you have 2 sports 'journalist' sitting around chatting about the game as natural hilarity ensues.

2017-2018 Season

Pre Playoff Talk

Only two weeks left of the Regular Season and the Playoff Chase is wrapping up. Who are the teams to watch out for? Who will be the biggest surprise this postseason? Tune in to hear your resident Sportsden polar bear and peacock duo weigh in!

Marcus Baylor - XenosBlade
Ryan Eastman - FadedForest

2015-2016 Regular Season

Week One

First seven days are behind us, three teams remain undefeated...while four sit without a win, which streaks will last? Also a look at PotW and rookies from the past week alongside some injury news.

Ryan Eastman - FadedForest
Ronan Shields - Gabriel-Fawkes


The first month of the 2015-2016 FBA Season comes to a close and the guys take a look back at the past month, covering top stories, players, and teams.

Ronan Shields - Gabriel-Fawkes
Marcus Baylor - XenosBlade
Ryan Eastman - FadedForest


As we loom closer to the All Star Weekend, the guys talk about the latest transactions, teams, and the All Star Week!!!

Marcus Baylor - XenosBlade
Zane Donovan - Harlow

2015-2016 Preseason

FSPN Top 24 Rankings Podcast

After the draft combine, FSPN had a brief roundtable discussion about the 24 rookies selected for the combine challenge and where they felt the players would be ranked.

Intro Music and Dragons Cave commercial by DJ Nightfire

Willy Walker - Madworld

Jack Kanter - Wendingo

Patrick Suarez - Steviemaxwell

Stefan Calico - Jadedfox

Marcus Baylor - XenosBlade

Preseason Part I

A breakdown of the Western and Eastern Divisions; including FA moves and our analyst predictions of where teams stand before the season starts. Recorded 11/23

Jack Kanter - Wendingo
Marcus Baylor - XenosBlade
Scott Masterson - Anonymous13423
Ryan Eastman - FadedForest

Preseason Part II

Preseason games are behind us and what have we learned? A discussion of what teams impressed us, which rookies surprised us, and the veterans that just keep on dominating. Recorded 12/6

Ryan Eastman - FadedForest
Andy Peltz - Eaite

2014 Season

Rich Smith - Played (Poorly) by Wendingo

Billy Fern - Played By Tazel

Intro Music by DJ Nightfire