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Tallahassee Typhoons
2018-2019 Tallahassee Typhoons season
Tallahassee Typhoons logo
Conference Eastern Conference
Division Southern Division
Founded 2004
History Tallahassee Typhoons (2004-Present)
Arena Merrill Palace (aka "The Bunker")
City Tallahassee, FL
Team colors Orange, Blue and Gray


Owner(s) Merrill Melech
RL Primary Contact Jayni
General manager Sarah Lancaster (female cheetah)
Head coach Hildegard Tetreault (feminine Hyena-Rabbit hybrid)
Assistant coach Ana Azara (female snow leopard)
Lead trainer Kristi Navarro (female lynx)
  • Samir ibn Barakah Al-Qahtani (male Arabian oryx)
Championships 1 (2017)
Conference titles 2 (2013, 2017)
Division titles 1 (2013)

The Tallahassee Typhoons are a professional basketball team based in Tallahassee, Florida. They play in the Southern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).

Franchise Info

The Tallahassee Typhoons became the 22nd team of the Furry Basketball Association in 2004, joining the Santa Ana Spectrums as part of the league's expansion that year.

2004-2009: Early Cellar Dwellers

One of the FBA’s newest franchises, the Typhoons had a rough start after their formation in 2004. The club was the unfortunate record holder for the lowest winning percentage in a season after posting an abysmal 11-71 record in 2007 and was just unable to find a positive mark in the league during their first few seasons. Despite using their #1 pick in 2005 to get the top-rated Griff Rasputin, his diva-like personality proved to be an issue with the coaches and the rest of the players. Tallahassee managed to keep a decent fan base despite the poor performances, but the struggle to find a bona fide leader as well as consistent offense that didn't rely on Rasputin prompted the resignation of Tasheen Stilton, the Hall of Fame lion center turned head coach, after a tumultuous 2009 campaign which saw the Typhoons limp their way to a 22-win finish. Without a head coach, owner Lucas Bryn decided to sell the franchise after five years.

2009-2010: The Huntsville Rivalry

When new owner Merrill Melech stepped up in the 2009 off-season, he hired "Dub-C" Carter Clausen as general manager. The fearless grey wolf point guard had played alongside Stilton on the Plymouth Taproots team that won championship titles in 1987 and 1990. After being unable to convince Stilton to return to his job, Clausen also took up the head coach position with the lion as his assistant. Once the front office personnel was in place, they set out to rebuild the club and its image.

Needing a floor general who could take command of the squad on the court, the Typhoons used their 3rd overall pick in 2009 to take Franz Volker, the German-born Doberman point guard who was passed up by his own father and the Huntsville Mayors. The same Mayors then traded away shooting guard Oliver Vance to the Tennessee Moonshiners, and Clausen was quick to make a deal to send Sasha Ivanovich to Nashville and get the swift fox down in Florida, much to Mayors' coach Rolf Volker's protests. A smart draft floor trade had dealt Rasputin and reserve point guard Julia Fernández for the giant jaguar Jorge Gonzalez and the reptilian rookie Lance Rex. Under Volker's leadership and Clausen's coaching, the team squeaked into the post-season for the first time in the club's history, only to be bounced in the first round after six games against the Plymouth Taproots.

2010-2012: The Dawg Pack

The 2010 off-season saw one of the biggest trades in FBA history, as Tallahasee dealt four players and their 2010 #12 overall pick to the Mayors for superstar coyote power forward Edward Hudson. The addition of second-round pick Archi Redd and the conversion of coyote shooting guard William Keen to a 3-guard swingfur prompted the formation of the Dawg Pack in its first iteration. Supplemented on the bench by veteran dingo swingfur Rick Longley and reserve rookie lupine Seria Delgado, the Typhoons continued their rise from the basement of the league, making the playoffs for the second year in a row and losing once more in the first round after six grueling games against the Lorain Firestorm.

Dawg Pack Poster

Transactions in the 2011 off-season saw both Keen and Delgado let go, replaced by the rookie Belgian tervuren swingfur Remy Belgique and the veteran Welsh terrier Liam Weems. The undersized German shepherd bigfur William Baker also got picked up by the club, solidifying the second iteration of the Dawg Pack. It was during the season that a controversial marketing poster was released, showing the canine starters of the team being held on chain leashes by Slayron Clausen, the lupine nephew of Coach Clausen. The implications of Volker (a domestic species) being leashed by Clausen (a feral species) kept a cloud of negative attention over the club, culminating in a disastrous injury to badger forward Adrian McCormick in the final game of the regular season. Despite making the playoffs for the third straight year, the loss of the career Typhoon in the front court allowed their first round opponents the Biloxi Mudpuppies to exploit the weaker bench replacements and sweep Tallahassee out of the first round in four consecutive games.

2012-2014: Feminine Coaching

With the implementation of the Atwood Rule by the FBA offices, the Dawg Pack were limited to retaining five canines in their group. But in an even more startling reorganization, Clausen decided to give up the head coaching position to focus on his general manager duties, hiring vixen ex-Des Moines Blanks point guard Tazel Tawner as the head coach. Despite some unusual coaching decisions - including deactivating Volker for one game to "teach the team a lesson" - and the unfortunate hiccup of Hudson being framed for illegal substance possession by newly-acquired horse bigfur Loyd Harus, the unique four-armed vulpine kept firm but steady control over the Typhoons, enough to land them the best record in the entire league! With their first ever divisional championship under their belt, the club got their revenge against their first ever playoff opponents, knocking out the Taproots in four straight games. A grueling series against the newly-named Biloxi Voodoo - their bitter divisional rivals - saw the club getting even more vengeance for their sweep from the previous year, advancing to the conference finals after six tough games. Not only did the Typhoons win the conference championship as well, they also became the fifth team in a row to deny the Newark Pride their shot in the Finals. Sadly, things against the Dakota Bikers did not pan out for the team, partly due to Ryan Malone stealing the first game on Tallahassee's court with a buzzer-beater, and also partly due to the kidnapping and near-death beating of Coach Tawner by a rat supremacist, in retaliation for benching veteran rat swingfur Maurice York in the latter part of the playoffs.

While the criminal was apprehended and the vixen did awaken from her induced coma nearly a month after the end of the Finals, it was clear she was not going to be able to return to her duties. At the suggestion of assistant general manager Edward "Path" Tillenger, the club brought over Hildegard Tetreault, a German-French hyena-rabbit from Berlin. The hybrid's coaching style was much different from Tawner's, and her German roots seemed to trouble the Dawg Pack General Franz Volker. Nevertheless, 2K did post two triple-doubles during the 2013-14 season and the team once again earned home court advantage in the playoffs despite falling to second place in their division behind the Tennessee Moonshiners. Unfortunately, badger forward Adrian McCormick once again suffered a long-term injury that kept him out of the post-season, and without his bench presence the Williamsburg Minutemen were able to eliminate the team during the first round in five games.

2014-2016: New General Manager, Leading changes

On the summer of 2014, General Manager Carter Clausen annouced he'd step down of the General Manager position. After a lengthy discussion and many possible candidates, it was decided that Filippo Arango, Miami-born African Wild Dog born of Cuban descent considered a dark horse in the selection process, would be the new General Manager of the Tallahassee Typhoons. Even though the country already had fine representation in the league, including 2014 Champion Jamie Velásquez, this would be the first time someone with Cuban roots would hold this kind of administration position in the FBA.

On December 17th, it was confirmed that the team would now have two captains, as Oliver Vance was appointed as co-captain due to both his big improvement over the seasons as well as to take some weight off of Franz Volker's shoulders due to his newlyborn puppy. This is the first time on its history that the Typhoons have two captains.

2016-present: Major Shifts and Tallahassee's First Championship

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Current Roster

Tallahassee Typhoons Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 709.jpg
PID 1139.jpg
PID 943.jpg
PID 1228.jpg
PID 512.jpg
31 Apiatan Redmane (Water Buffalo, G) 3 Adge Martin (Hare, G/F) 34 Marshall Anderson-Rhodes (Clouded Leopard, F) 44 Kevon Oakley (Black Bear, C/F) 79 Rosalie Smoot (American Bison, F/C)
Guard Forward Forward Bigfur Center
PID 1151.jpg
PID 507.jpg
PID 1128.jpg
PID 769.jpg
PID 476.jpg
20 Carson Good (Dalmatian, G) 9 Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F) 8 Tara Albins (Thylacine, F) 42 Rebecca McCloud (Red Fox, C/F) 7 Quintessa Hartnett (Leopard, C)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Guard Guard Bigfur ' Bigfur
PID 1255.jpg
PID 821.jpg
PID 0.jpg
Aurora Hopkins (Somali Cat, G) 35 Gwen Hass (Coydog, G) 34 Harrison York (Martial Eagle, F/C) Mayzie-Mae Pelletier (Maine Coon, C/F)
Head Coach Use Only: