Alaska Arctics

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Alaska Arctics
2022-2023 Alaska Arctics season
Alaska Arctics logo
Conference Western Conference
Division Pacific Rim Division
Founded 1994
History Alaska Arctics (1995-present)
Arena Arctic Tundra Arena (aka "The IceBox")
City Anchorage, AK
Team colors Cyan, Grey, White


Owner(s) Boris Petrov (male polar bear, 1995-present)
RL Primary Contact TriangleDelta
RL Secondary Contact Rourkie
General manager Evgeny Zaytsev (male sphynx cat)
Head coach Miguel Hernandez (male capybara)
Assistant coach Hugo Fuhrmann (male Asiatic Water Buffalo)
Lead trainer Ivan "The Terrible" Mirosnichenko (male arctic fox)
Championships 0
Division titles None

The Alaska Arctics are a professional basketball team based in Anchorage, Alaska. They play in the Pacific Rim Division of the Western Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA). The team formed in 1994 along with the Springfield Fusion, Tennessee Moonshiners, Spokane Rapids and the Stanislaus Thrust.

Franchise History


The Arctics were founded by Russian oil baron Boris Petrov (polar bear | he/him) in a bid to ingratiate himself with the Alaskan public. Petrov's long term plan was to use the good will generated from the team to further his plans for eventual arctic oil drilling and mining projects. Initially, the team's mascot was a stylized cartoon husky. Though the mascot was endearing, some fans eventually began to question the similarities between the husky and the logo of Petrov Mineral Explorations.


In 2001, the team rebranded in the face of mounting questions and criticism of their logo and mascot. They dropped the mascot altogether, and took on the logo and jersey designs that they have continued to use since.

The 2011 season, under head coach Vladmir Tabanov (snow leopard | he/him} and GM Feres Svenlocke, marked one of the Arctics' most promising seasons. Under the captainship of Rodger Umaechi (Husky, F), the team was able to make it to the Western Semifinals with strong showings throughout the season. Conflict between the head coach and general manager proved to be the team's undoing, though, with Tabanov making the unprecedented decision to bench Umaechi for the entire series. In the aftermath, Petrov fired both Tabanov and Svenlocke, and Umaechi demanded a trade.


Following the disastrous end to the 2011 season, Petrov hired on Dorian Dragomirov (Mosasaurus | he/him) as the new general manager. Dragomirov faced an uphill battle, not the least of which being winning back his team's morale and the fans' loyalty. In spite of this, he began to make significant changes to the team, and started a long period during which the Arctics were able to hold their own, and occasionally even dominate, in the competitive Pacific Rim division.

For a time, brothers Bobby Baylor (Polar Bear, F/C) and Marcus Baylor (Polar Bear, G/F) became the faces and major cornerstones of the team. Marcus's charisma made him a favourite for reporters, and his easy charm resulted in many interviews for him.

As the era of the Baylors began to grow to a close, the Arctics found a new public face and star player in Cliff Matthiews (Canadian Lynx, G). A player for the Arctics since 2010, the lynx had ridden out the lowest and highest points of the Arctics' recent history, and was a recognizable face for fans. His modesty in front of the camera, paired with his increasingly dominating performances on the court, quickly led to Matthiews being the unquestionable star of the Arctics. Throughout many lineup changes, Matthiews was a constant on the Arctics' starting line, and his name soon became synonymous with the franchise.


Following Dorian Dragomirov (Mosasaurus | he/him) stepping down as general manager during the off-season, along with the retirement of star franchise player Cliff Matthiews (Canadian Lynx, G), Petrov determined that a major shift was necessary for the team. He hired on Evgeny Zaytsev (sphynx cat | he/him), an elusive manager who worked his way up from managing teams in Russia to working in the EFBL. Zaytsev brought on many new staff, and began the process of rebuilding the team with a focus on new, young talent to train up.

Current Roster

Alaska Arctics Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 1292.jpg
PID 24.jpg
PID 841.jpg
PID 1082.jpg
PID 942.jpg
9 Ravishu Khattar (Indian flying fox/yellow-winged bat, G) 23 Alessandro Serra (Weasel, G) 24 Niko McNamara (Meerkat, F/G) 33 Tyler Conley (Husky, F) 81 Mark Gerena Jr. (Greenland Shark, F)
Bigfur Guard Center Swingfur Guard
PID 1232.jpg
PID 1025.jpg
PID 1264.jpg
PID 1185.jpg
PID 1300.jpg
3 Langston Coates (Giant Squirrel, C/F) 21 Tay Delgado (Mink, G) 95 Devon Dukes (Ferret/Otter, C) 0 Sebastian Ciappara (Black Jaguar/Transvaal Lion, G/F) 8 Tex Adriano (Emperor Tamarin, G)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Forward Guard Forward Bigfur Bigfur
PID 344.jpg
PID 706.jpg
PID 1077.jpg
PID 856.jpg
17 Bruno Valerio (Kangaroo Rat, F) 11 Kinny DeMarcus (Hairy Bush Viper, G) 32 Amelia Odessa Springer (Goat, F) 32 Rudy Cohyn Molony (Woolly Rhinoceros, C/F) 33 Samantha Canuteson (Orca, C/F)
Head Coach Use Only:

Alaska Arctics Team Contracts
Name 23 24 25 26 27
Ravishu Khattar 4 4
Alessandro Serra 15 15
Niko McNamara 1
Tyler Conley 12.5 13 13.5 14
Mark Gerena Jr. 6 7
Langston Coates 3
Tay Delgado 5 5 5
Devon Dukes 5 5
Sebastian Ciappara 2 2
Tex Adriano 1.5 1.5
Bruno Valerio 3 3
Kinny DeMarcus 6 6 6
Amelia Odessa Springer 1
Rudy Cohyn Molony 3 3
Samantha Canuteson 2
2022-2023 Budget for Total
Buyouts Available
Alaska Arctics 82.0 70 4.5