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Albany Alphas
2022-2023 Albany Alphas season
Albany Alphas logo
Conference Eastern
Division Northern
Founded 1993
History GLBL Hamilton Mariners (1920-1979), Hamilton Mariners (1979-1993), Albany Alphas (1993-present)
Arena Hamilton Stadium (1920-1993), Farigami Park (1993-present)
City Albany, NY
Team colors Brown, Yellow, White


Owner(s) Jack Faris
RL Primary Contact Rourkie
RL Secondary Contact Drakken
General manager Rourke Danyals (Male housecat)
Head coach Ryuta Faris-Tatsugami (Male canine)
Assistant coach Oliver Vance (Male swift fox)
Lead trainer Camryn DeKatherine (Male fox)
Championships 2 (2005, 2016)
Division titles 1 (2016)
Retired numbers 52

The Albany Alphas are a professional basketball team based in Albany, New York. They play in the Northern Division of the Eastern Conference in the Furry Basketball Association (FBA).

Franchise Info

The Alphas are the only team from the 1993 expansion that was not a new franchise, having been relocated from Hamilton, ON to Albany, NY.

The Original Club

The Hamilton Mariners were the oldest active team to have joined the FBA, having been founded in 1920 as a barnstorming team. In 1948, they joined the newly-formed Great Lakes Basketball League. After it folded in 1979, they were accepted into the FBA alongside the Dakota Bikers, the Newark Pride, and the Rocky Mountain Royals. Besides being the other Canadian team at the time, the Mariners also held the distinction of being one of the few expansion teams to have a rookie captain, having joined the league as an existing team. They played in the Northern Division of the Eastern Conference, with their home arena Hamilton Stadium, in Hamilton, ON, Canada, and their colors were Green, Blue, and White.

The Move to New York

In 1993 the Mariners were purchased by self-made billionaire and television personality, Donahue Frump, a mole who made huge amounts of cash in smart moves in Wall Street. The team was subsequently moved to Albany and renamed to the Alphas. Frump still gets hate mail for "stealing" Hamilton's team, and it was former Mariners fans that dubbed the newly-built Frump Coluseum as "Frump's Dump".

During the first few years since the acquisition the club not only had a very poor record in the league but also a shaky reputation among the other franchises. The biggest controversy was former team captain Timothy Walters being seen frequently with the winner of the Dame America pageant, also owned by Frump. Both the hyena and the mole denied any allegations of forced relationships, but that did not seem to stop rampant rumors on the internet. In addition, the players were primarily younger rookies who got traded in and out much like Frump's Wall Street business model, and thus rarely did camaraderie or teamwork appear to show in the team. Former players commented on the cut-throat style of the club, each trying to show themselves as the best and preventing the (now trademarked) “You Are Fired” line. Despite this, the team was known for a powerful early and mid season in the season, but the stress of both the game and the management wore down the players late in the year. The only exception has been Carl Esteban, who had been playing for the team nearly since the acquisition and became team captain after Walters retired.

The Frump Franchise years

After Esteban led the team to their first and only championship in 2005, team management began to shift their business model. It became rather apparent after that championship season when the starting roster consisted of all spotted mammals, leading to the nickname of the “Spotted Alphas.” The amount of passing to and from each teammate allowed many commentators to remark about the team “Connecting the dots." While it did not earn them another trip to the Finals, the players managed to develop a better sense of teamwork without the threat of being dealt to another team in the middle of a losing season.

Of course, Frump was not satisfied with the mediocre results from the new direction of the team, and GMs were being hired and fired on a semi-yearly basis. Kawaru Yowai, the current general manager, has been the only one to last for more than 12 months since the club's title year, having been bold enough to strike a deal that acquired the 2012 League MVP Rodger Umaechi from the Alaska Arctics in exchange for Esteban.

Nevertheless, the team continues to enjoy exceptionally lavish accommodations. Even though their 767 team jet has a Gold and cherry wood shell (painted on, and all fake), the interior of the jet has decorations that are all real, looking more like the interior of the Vatican with velvet airline seats than a typical team transport.

2014-2015 Season

After a disappointing 2013-14 season, where the Alpha's ended the season with 11 consecutive losses and final day elimination from the playoffs, management brought in former Santa Ana Spectrums GM Ralqul Witt, who had taken his team from last to the Conference finals in 3 seasons. The current GM, Rourke Danyals, was moved into a coaching position at that time.

Witt got off to a rocky start when FMZ leaked a private scouting report during his time with the Spectrums was leaked to the media during a broadcast. Much to the crows's embarrassment.

Since then, the Alphas have made huge moves, their biggest involving a blockbuster trade for FBA All-Star Jackson Nuez in exchange for their 2014 #3 overall pick to the Seattle Summit and Huntsville Mayors (A pick Seattle later turned into Rookie of the year Jake Turner). They've obtained 2 centers, including up and coming center James Frestrikial and veteran leadership in David Hodge. With their lone 2014 draft pick, the Alphas selected Apiatan Redmane and Lee Jin-Sung.

The Alphas come into the 2014-2015 season considered as a favorite in the Eastern Conference. But between internal memo leaks and a clear rookie and veteran divide, questions remained on if the team could bring it all together to go far into the playoffs, or suffer another bust. Alpha finished at 53-27, second in the Northern Division and taking the fourth seed in the playoffs. After playoff wins against Tallahassee and stunning #1 seed Huntsville, Albany squeaked into the FBA finals with a game seven win over Pittsburgh. The Alpha's luck stopped there with a loss to the Spectrums in 5 games.

The 2015-16 started with the Alpha's future being in question. With Jackson Nuez heading elsewhere, the Alpha's traded up to grab the #1 overall pick in Christine Harfurd and second round pick Ruq Göhten. (Though unconfirmed reports state that Alpha made their trade for the #1 pick in exchange for not going after Jackson- a rumor none the less) With the team resigning Viran and staying relatively quiet in free agency, it remains to be seen if the Alpha's are simply reloading, or if Rodger can finally get that ring.

A New Alphas Franchise

Bought out by the wealthy Faris-Tatsugami (or FariGami) business, the Albany Alphas have started down the road of re-franchising. After the loss of its stars in Rodger Umaechi, Lance Wildfyre, and Apiatan Redmane, what was left of the once winning team from the 2016 season was now gone. Now, the team is in the process of paving a new path for the Alphas Legacy. This new franchise will have its star players in ever loyal Viran Kivar, star shooting guard Narkissa Kassius, and rising star as well as Albany's #1 draft pick of 2018, Terry O'Toole. There were high hopes for this new chapter of the Albany Alphas and GM Jack Faris, as well as son and coach Ryuta, are doing everything in their power to help make the Alphas successful once again.

In 2020, the Alphas acquired PG Callum Williamson and bigfur Kassius Waterson to help round out their roster, and made it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals where they lost to the Biloxi Voodoo in Game 7, who would go on to win the championship that year.

In 2021, Albany would bring back a familiar face, Rourke Danyals, as their GM to try and recapture some of the magic from their championship run half a decade ago. Danyals made a series of trades which, at the time, were considered illogical and senseless. However, the payout spoke for itself: in the inaugural year of his return, the Alphas reached the FBA Finals, despite being seeded #5 in the East, only to lose in Game 7 to the Winnipeg Voyageurs, who were seeded #4 in the West.

Current Season Data

Albany Alphas Roster
Point Guard Shooting Guard Small Forward Power Forward Center
PID 934.jpg
PID 901.jpg
PID 1080.jpg
PID 623.jpg
PID 1055.jpg
38 Jona Vastenhout (Beech Marten, G) 17 Akiak Pratt (Husky, G) 3 Terry O’Toole (Irish Wolfhound, F/G) 71 Viran Kivar (Jaguar, F) 19 Kassius Waterson (North American River Otter, C)
Guard Swingfur Forward Forward Guard
PID 1102.jpg
PID 1127.jpg
PID 1243.jpg
PID 1095.jpg
31 Fitch Loomis (California Ground Squirrel, G) 8 Lorenz Valerio (Kangaroo Rat, G/F) 56 Tapeesa Avaalaaqiaq Tiktaalaaq (Polar Bear, F) 13 Tanner Hunt (Spotted Hyena, F) 63 Connie Cloverfield (Rabbit, G)
Reserves Deep Reserves
Center Forward Forward Guard '
PID 960.jpg
PID 1106.jpg
PID 0.jpg
00 Rully Darmawan (Ayam Cemani (Chicken), C) 44 Avery Rethal (Lion, F) 95 Takeru Ishijima (Siberian Tiger, F) 21 Jacky Lemon (Lynx, G)
Head Coach Use Only:

Team Images

2016-17 Alphas
Opening Night Poster



current jerseys by Rourkie